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Construction Components and Building Elements

Here you will find all the practice tests to improve your skills and speed and grasp the knowledge you ever need for exams. Take the online tests, get evaluated and improve your scores by attempting more and more questions.

272 No of Question | 6204 Tested

Concrete Technology and Application

Try our mock test questions on Concrete Technology and Application and check questions with corresponding answers. Analyze your overall performance in the practice tests.

178 No of Question | 3344 Tested

Soil Engineering

Attempt this Soil Engineering Online mock test made by experts and find out your level of proficiency in Soil Engineering.

187 No of Question | 2801 Tested

Hydraulics and Fluid Flow

Assess yourself by taking this free practice test on Hydraulics and Fluid Flow. Aim for a high score and get a good global rank. Prove your credibility on the topic of Hydraulics and Fluid Flow. You can attempt this test multiple times in order to improve your score.

190 No of Question | 1693 Tested

Highway Engineering

Highway engineering is an engineering discipline branching from civil engineering that involves the planning, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of roads, bridges, and tunnels to ensure safe and effective transportation of people and goods. Take this highway Engineering Mock Test

218 No of Question | 1360 Tested

Reinforced Concrete Structures

try the mock test of Reinforced Concrete Structures in Civil Engineering. Do not get confused by the language of the questions as it might really mess with your overall scores.

160 No of Question | 1477 Tested

Building Survey and Inspection

Score well with Free Online Building Survey and Inspection test. Compare scores with the best candidates online and develop a study and preparation pattern.

245 No of Question | 2238 Tested

Fundamentals of Construction

Try our online mock tests on Civil Engineering Fundamentals of Construction and witness a regular change in your test performance. Attempt more questions to help you gain knowledge and get your goals.

169 No of Question | 2255 Tested

Material Strength Analysis

Memorize the concepts you learnt about Material Strength Analysis in your classes and attempt this free online test on Material Strength Analysis.

142 No of Question | 1425 Tested

Design of Steel Structure

Attempt this Practice test series based on Civil Engineering. Design of Steel Structure highly depends on the proposed product, the core area of use and application and also the incubation time. All these factors play a major role in the design of steel structures.

144 No of Question | 1047 Tested

Irrigation Resources

Develop a schedule to try out a few questions on a daily basis from Civil Engineering Practice Papers. Tubewells and Mini Dams are regularly used for irrigation purposes. They truly have helped in areas where water might become an issue in time.

102 No of Question | 964 Tested

Waste Water Management

Understand the language of the questions and try to attempt these test questions in this practice paper based on Civil Engineering. Waste Water Management is a big rising issue in the ecosystem and needs to be attended immediately.

233 No of Question | 1125 Tested

Water Supply Management

Learn about these amazing civil engineering facts in this section of the practice test series. Reinforced dams, tunnels, reservoirs, and other structural beauties all contribute towards Water Supply and Judicious Management.

277 No of Question | 1075 Tested

Water Resource Management

Water Resource Management comes into play with dams, hydroelectric projects, and other construction units that highly rely on civil engineering architecture. Take this Water Resource Mock Test.

98 No of Question | 1197 Tested

Railway Engineering

Learn about the various applications through this practice test. Railway Engineering in reference to Civil Engineering involves the construction of railroads, tracks, bridges, and sheds. Evaluating the quality of materials being used is also a part of the construction process.

131 No of Question | 779 Tested

Cost Estimation

Evaluate your performance in this mock test series based on Cost Estimation. A Civil Engineering Project can cost an immense amount of money if not planned in a definitive manner. The economics behind cost estimation is important for the entire process.

64 No of Question | 299 Tested

Practical Application of Mechanics

Try our online mock tests on the Practical Application of Mechanics and witness a gradual change in your test performance. Attempt more questions to help you gain knowledge and get your goals.

159 No of Question | 1377 Tested

Advanced Building Survey and Inspection

Here you will find all the practice tests for Civil Engineering to improve your skills and speed and grasp the knowledge you ever need for exams. Take the online tests and get evaluated.

138 No of Question | 1532 Tested

GATE Civil Engineering

Learn how you can attempt maximum test papers to improve your overall understanding of the GATE Civil Engineering Examination Pattern. It is extremely important that you revisit the concepts as most of the questions asked in these sample papers are based completely on concepts.

215 No of Question | 252 Tested

Fundamentals of Construction Management

This mock test is dedicated to the Fundamentals of Construction Management for the preparations for Civil Engineering competitive exam.

61 No of Question | 175 Tested

Structure Design

Try this set of well-crafted questions and know how much preparation is needed to achieve a great score in competitive examinations for engineering or research. Compare scores after each paper you attempt from the mock test series.

98 No of Question | 172 Tested

UPSC Civil Services

Work your way around these questions asked in the mock test series based on UPSC Civil Services Examination. You can gain a massive learning experience by attempting these tests as they'll teach you about the type of questions and exam pattern of UPSC.

869 No of Question | 147 Tested

Structural Design and Specifications

Learn about it in this section of Civil Engineering Practice Papers. It is very important to completely conceptualize and rearrange your thought process before you begin the construction process. Feasibility of preliminary design is checked through Structural Design and Specifications.

111 No of Question | 116 Tested

SI Units and Measurements

Attempt objective questions based on SI Units and Measurements in Civil Engineering and see where your level of preparation stands for civil engineering competitive exams.

21 No of Question | 158 Tested


Try the Practice test questions for Civil Engineering Tunnelling topic here, attempt the mock test multiple times to ensure your selection for the Civil branch of engineering.

37 No of Question | 77 Tested

Remote Sensing Fundamentals

Remote Sensing Fundamentals is the branch of Civil engineering that involves the study of remote sensors and their applications in the field. Take this practice test on Remote Sensing Fundamentals and get accurate anatomy of your performance in the test.

94 No of Question | 68 Tested

Airport Engineering

Airport Engineering involves the construction of hangers and other docking stations that are used regularly. The element inspection of the construction materials is necessary to ensure the end result is a good product.

43 No of Question | 83 Tested

Harbour and Dock Engineering

Civil Engineering Harbour and Dock Engineering is an easy topic to learn but hard to master. Find out how much you manage to score in this Mock test of Harbour and Dock Engineering. Attempt this test and check out your global rank among all the test takers.

43 No of Question | 57 Tested

Applied Engineering in Economics

Take this free online test of Applied Engineering in Economics and prove your talent for the same. Get your score and performance analysis instantly after the test.

50 No of Question | 54 Tested

Mock Tests for Civil Engineering