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Take this online test of thermodynamics and find out how much mastery you have gained on thermodynamics till now. Get a detailed analysis of your performance instantly.

273 No of Question | 8339 Tested

Stress and Strain in Materials

Find out how efficient you are in the calculation of stress and strain in materials. Take this online practice test and know it by yourself. Get your reports instantly.

247 No of Question | 4216 Tested

Automobile Engineering

Challenge yourself through this mock test series and understand where you need to learn more. Automobile Engineering is an extremely exciting subject that deals with studying the inner workings and mechanics of motor vehicles and how various components work together as a system.

211 No of Question | 2090 Tested

Introduction to Engineering Mechanics

Check your command over Engineering Mechanics by taking this Online Practice test and get reports instantly. Engineering Mechanics is the most fundamental part of Mechanical engineering.

195 No of Question | 3096 Tested

Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics

Attempt this online practice test and challenge your mastery over Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics. Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics is the study of liquids. A mechanical engineer must know about it to design and work on Steam engines, turbines, or pumps.

330 No of Question | 2326 Tested

Internal Combustion Engines

Test your knowledge and understand in this trial Practice Test Series and learn what you might even know about Internal Combustion Engines. Internal Combustion Engines are piston-powered petrol consuming power generators that are mostly employed in factories and power stations.

170 No of Question | 1453 Tested

Production Engineering and Management

This section will assess your skill in answering such questions based on PEM through online test papers. Production Engineering and Management is a culmination of engineering and management of the resultant products and devising processes for their judicious and optimal usage.

292 No of Question | 1023 Tested

Fundamentals of Material Science

Learn more about this Material Science of work by testing out some practice test papers. Fundamentals of Material Science is all about structural design and the discovery of new elements in nature.

216 No of Question | 886 Tested

Machine Design

Take this Machine Design practice test and check out your rank based on your performance. You will get a detailed analysis of your performance so that you can improve and hit back in next attempt.

365 No of Question | 931 Tested

Theory of machines

Theory of Machines is the different realm where you'll be asked some interesting questions related to various components of machines and what each component stands for. Assess what is your cumulative score in all test papers.

310 No of Question | 738 Tested

Heat Transfer and Refrigeration Technology

Try these practice papers based on Heat Transfer and Refrigeration Technology from Mechanical Engineering and know where you stand. Heat Transfer and Refrigeration Technology has existed for a long but only in the recent 19th century has it completely revolutionized with the introduction of semiconductors and diodes.

251 No of Question | 608 Tested

Mechanical Workshops

Assess your knowledge of Mechanical Workshops with this specially designed test series under the Mechanical Engineering Wing. Learn how to tackle some confusing questions from this section.

182 No of Question | 616 Tested

Industrial Production Management

Learn how you can improve your test-taking skills in this section of the mechanical engineering Practice Test Series and improve your chances of cracking many major competitive examinations.

132 No of Question | 328 Tested

Steam Engines and Power Generation

Attempt this online practice test made exclusively on the topic of Steam Engines and Power Generation and check your score. Steam Engines and Power Generation is easy to learn but hard to master.

167 No of Question | 230 Tested

Turbine Engineering

Try our online practice tests on Turbine Engineering and witness a gradual change in your test performance. Attempt more questions to help you gain knowledge and get your goals.

102 No of Question | 241 Tested

Gas Dynamics and Turbines

Test your knowledge of some core mechanical engineering subjects like Gas Dynamics, Combustion Devices, and Turbines in this section of the practice test series. This paper will search as a benchmark of your level of preparation.

113 No of Question | 220 Tested

Functions of Hydraulics Machinery

Give this Online test to find out your grip over hydraulic machines. Hydraulic machines are tools that derive power from the motion of fluids for its operation. No one can know about the Functions of hydraulic machinery better than a mechanical engineer.

108 No of Question | 260 Tested

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